Naked Husker Fans – Thank Goodness for Corn Nation Hoodies

Posted August 18 2014

Corn Nation HoodieThe new Corn Nation Hoodies are Big and Red and gorgeous for sure, but a recent article by Jon Johnston adds some urgency to making them available in large numbers. Johnston reckons The Huskers might be able to break their title losing streak by altering the way the all-important football “luck factor” is applied....and, ahem, taking off those old Husker clothes.

Jon's article suggests luck comes from fan ritual, and especially from old clothes that were worn in days of past glories. If that’s true, the past six seasons seem to say the old gear worn to games these days isn’t bringing us any luck at all and may be hurting our chances of success. So what’s to be done?

Husker fans are an educated lot and understand the theory behind finding the root cause of failure of complex systems. Getting to the root is simple: strip the system naked, then rebuild it one stage at a time until you find the problem. Better still, replace the old parts with new parts as you rebuild and see if you can measure improvement. To prove clothing is the problem though, we’ll all have get into the spirit of that first stage and turn up naked for the first game.

I’ve thought about Jon’s suggestion, and while I see advantages in SOME of our fans turning up naked on that first game day, the thought of the other 90% make me sweat at night. Here’s where the Corn Nation Hoodie saves the day and spares the blushes of the rest of the football world. Don’t go naked; go with a brand new Corn Nation hoodie instead. It’s practically the same as replacing an old part in the system with a new one and has the added advantage of turning you into a fashion icon.

You can get your Corn Nation Hoodie from the official Corn Nation store and help bring some new luck to The Huskers.